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laboratory concept

Ivygreen Biological R&D Laboratory Team

Responding to global environmental awareness,Maintain Earth's Air Quality

Committed to the research and development of technologies that can reduce the pollution caused by automobile fuel

Not only brings environmental benefits, but also prolongs engine life

Become an Auto Healthcare Specialist

And simultaneously develop antibacterial related products

​ can prevent infection risk for global air quality

Starting in 2008

Researchers from the University of California, Los Angeles have analyzed and found several efficient oil-degrading microorganisms, and identified the bacteria by nucleic acid sequencing, and then studied their degrading enzyme genes and reaction mechanisms.

Established in 2009

Global, Synergy, and Biotek were established in California, USA, focusing on the use of microbial enzymes to deal with oil pollution in the environment. Bio-enzymes have been put into Texas coal power plants and petrochemical industries, and sulfides have been successfully reduced by biological desulfurization (BDS).

R&D completed in 2011

The research and development of crude oil degrading enzymes of GSB company was completed, and in the same year, it was tested in Dabis and oil fields in Malaysia, and successfully dealt with soil and pollution problems.

R&D completed in 2012

Develop a group of diesel catalytic enzymes for automobiles based on industrial biological enzymes. In the same year, the automotive catalytic enzyme group was successfully developed, which significantly reduced HC, NOx, and PM2.5 in the exhaust gas.


Beijing Harmony King Rong Company was established, responsible for the market promotion of environmental technology and fuel improvement in China, and successfully assisted North Modern Mining Group in saving nearly 55 million yuan.


Taiwan Ivygreen Biotechnology Co., Ltd. is responsible for the market promotion of environmental technology and dye improvement technology in Taiwan and Southeast Asia.


Ivygreen Biotechnology Co., Ltd. successfully jointly developed fuel bio-enzyme enzymes for the environment in Taiwan and Southeast Asia, and in 1988, it was named as the only biotechnology fuel improver in the market.


GSB is committed to the research and application of biotechnology,with its Petroleum Enzyme"Fuel bio-enzyme (enzyme)" is the main key technology,Designated Taiwan subsidiary Ivy Green Biotechnology Co., Ltd. to jointly develop.

Ten years of history

US Global Synergy Biotek lnc. (GSB)

In view of the high temperature, high humidity and congested road conditions in Taiwan, the company has developed an environmentally friendly high-efficiency gasoline/diesel fuel additive, which is sold under the brand name "1988". Become the only fuel improver based on biotechnology in the market to achieve "complete combustion", "increase horsepower", and take into account the environmental protection of high-efficiency gasoline/diesel additives.

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