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R & D technology

Research and Development technology

In response to global concerns about environmental protection issues, the GSB R&D laboratory develops fuel bio-enzymes (enzymes) as the main key technology, and jointly develops with Taiwan's subsidiary Ivy Green Biotechnology Co., Ltd.


GSB low gas combustion technology


Pursuit of high combustion efficiency, low reaction conditions and high specificity, which can reduce the activation energy of biochemical reactions and maximize the effectiveness of combustion enzymes


Development of antibacterial solution


In response to modern changes, the pursuit of a reassuring living environment, antibacterial molecules penetrate into every corner of the environment, create a sterile environment for the family, eliminate odors in the air, and enjoy a new life.

GSB low gas combustion technology

combustion efficiency

Using enzymes as catalysts (promoting the complete combustion of oil molecules), the catalytic efficiency of enzymes is 107~1013 times that of general inorganic catalysis


low reaction conditions

Good reaction at normal temperature and pressure



Only carbon bonds are locked, no other catalysts are added


Can reduce the activation energy of biochemical reactions

Increase the rate of chemical reactions and reduce the activation energy of the reaction



engine power


before use

After use



Fuel consumption per 100 km


Before use (black smoke)

After use (black smoke)

Significantly reduce PM10, PM2.5

Energy saving and low consumption results


energy saving rate

Mining Group Transporter

Diesel consumption: 630,000 liters of energy saved

Carbon emissions: 1654 tons of emission reduction

Cost savings: NT$19.8 million


energy saving rate

Hyundai large coal mining group transport vehicle

Diesel consumption: 2.6 million liters saved

Carbon emissions: 8049 tons of emission reduction

Cost savings: NT$44 million


energy saving rate

Ten million-ton mine transporter

Diesel consumption: 340,000 liters of energy saved

Carbon emissions: 900 tons of emission reduction

Cost savings: NT$7.39 million

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​ Antibacterial liquid technology research and development

In recent years, the risk of global air quality infection and the raging of bacteria of various sizes have profoundly affected people's lives. Prevention and effective suppression of infection risks have become a serious topic; Ivygreen's professional laboratory strives to develop antibacterial liquid series products. Bringing people a better quality of life and creating a non-toxic and low-contamination environment, TKD Fragrance Concentrated Antibacterial Liquid can effectively inhibit bacteria, remove peculiar smell, and bring a refreshing fragrance experience.

The laboratory has developed various antibacterial solutions, which have passed the GLP professional laboratory certification, and have passed the eye, skin and repeated inhalation toxicological tests. Adding pure natural plant extracts can bring a kind of sedation and healing, help your mind to settle, slightly aromatherapy, and purify the air.


No skin irritation




Environmental friendly

Applicable environment

For more antibacterial liquid product introduction, please go to

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