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Fuel enzyme series


The fuel enzyme developed can prolong the life of the engine, be used for car health care, and reduce air pollution

Achieve fuel saving, environmental protection, health care and other performance.

How it works

Enzyme Catalyzed Degradation

After the specially cultivated bio-enzyme processing and cracking treatment, the carbon number of the fuel is shortened, the effective fuel quality of the embankment is improved, and the complete combustion is promoted

biochemical microemulsion

Biological enzymes promote the formation of oil bubbles, which surround the water molecules in the fuel tank to produce water-in-oil microcells. When the microcells are burned, the water molecules are vaporized to produce micro-explosions (secondary atomization), which is an additional energy source for releasing water and gas (C+H20→C0 +H2) Add extra energy power to make the engine more powerful

biochemical microdispersion

Reduce fuel dynamic viscosity, improve fluidity, decompose residual carbon/tar essence/oily oil supply system scale, smooth fuel injection nozzle, easy atomization, more complete injection combustion, reduce knocking, and eliminate carbon deposits

biochemical combustion

The unique combustion powerful enzyme formula makes the oxidation reaction go on smoothly, increases energy efficiency and reduces black smoke emission

biochemical match

Convert the metal oxides in the fuel into stable salts, inhibit corrosion and maintain the engine

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