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TKD antibacterial solution series


The professional laboratory exclusively develops the TKD antibacterial solution series, which has passed the GLP professional laboratory certification, and passed the eye, skin and repeated inhalation toxicology tests. The cells are non-toxic, effective in inhibiting bacteria and removing odors. Adding pure natural plant extracts can bring a kind of calm and healing, help the mind to settle, slightly aromatherapy, and purify the air.

How it works

effective suppression
COVID-19 Coronavirus



• Effective against various living pathogens

• Covers settled airborne allergens and dust mite particles

• Odor molecules are coated and neutralized to improve air quality

• Added pure natural plant essential oils for comfort and tranquility

• Lucky and positive energy essential oil formula, also suitable for home use

• TKD antibacterial solution has passed non-toxic certification, 100% safe

• TKD antibacterial solution has passed the third-party notarized GLP laboratory safety certification and SGS efficacy certification

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Antibacterial purification, safe and effective

​The era of whole room purification is coming, non-toxic, fresh and good air
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