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Graphene Engine Oil


1988 Exclusive research and development of graphene engine oil, with nano-ultra-fine crystals, can penetrate into the gaps of precision parts, reduce wear and tear, greatly increase engine life, reduce vehicle vibration and noise, and make your car more comfortable.

Excellent performance
Comfortable ride
Extend engine life
Oil Cooling Benefit
Power Horsepower Reproduction


The mechanical properties of graphene are soft and tough, and its chemical properties are very stable. It still does not have any chemical interaction with engine oil molecules under high temperature, and does not destroy the original quality of engine oil.


Nanoscale crystals are composed of pentagonal crystals to form an extremely thin sheet-like planar structure, which can penetrate into the friction gap of the machine parts and fill the existing wear defects to achieve a perfect lubrication effect.


Most of the water vapor in the gasoline combustion process is taken away by the exhaust gas, but a small part is still mixed into the oil film and brought into the engine oil. Long-term accumulated moisture will destroy the oil film and cause lubrication degradation. The functional group on the surface of graphene can catch water molecules and repair the oil film. During the lubrication process, it can be taken away with the flow of engine oil and will not remain in the combustion chamber.

thermal conductivity

High thermal conductivity, good heat dissipation efficiency of the overall engine oil.


Guardian engine. Noise reduction and low vibration

Exclusive research and development|Graphene surface functional group new technology
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